Using Sport to Tackle Youth Crime Course 2023

On Thursday 21st December 2023, Street Games delivered a Using Sport to Tackle Youth Crime Course at Drumbeat School, BR1 5LE, for 20 attendees from Sports Fun 4 All, Youth First, Hackney Wick RFC and Bromley Council. The workshop introduced the 10 critical success factors underpinning sport-based projects and included stats, facts, and case studies to better understand the risk factors around young people engaging in ASB.







Using specific examples and scenarios from the community sports context, learners discussed and explored key topics, including welfare, safeguarding, child abuse and radicalisation. The attendees developed their knowledge and understanding of the importance of early intervention and identifying, responding, and reporting concerns.

The workshop promoted a whole organisational approach to safeguarding so attendees better understood how to deliver community sport and youth activities with a child welfare and safety-centred approach.

At the end of the workshop, learners were able to:

– Describe the 10 key principles of what a good youth sports intervention would look like in addressing juvenile nuisance and ASB
– Identify opportunities for projects to get involved in the world of youth justice
– Create an action plan for the next steps