Lewisham Youth Offending Service 2020

Sports Fun 4 All were contracted by Lewisham Youth Offending Service (YOS) to provide football coaching for their young people to help them complete their reparation hours as part of the (YOS) Summer 2020 Sports Programme Sports Fun 4 All

Craige Henry (Advance Youth Offending Officer) attended the holiday programme as the Lewisham YOS representative and saw the programme’s positive impact on the young people.

‘Kieran displayed good coaching practices whilst facilitating Lewisham YOS Summer 2020 Sports Programme. He was punctual and ready to engage with the young people allowing the sessions to flow sufficiently. All the drills were set up before the young people arrived, helping them get the most they could out of the available time. It also allowed the players to be entirely focused and engaged on the objectives of the session.

Kieran was amiable and built rapport with the young people quickly, showing that he’s a good listener. He presented excellent communication skills with the young people and the YOS staff that oversaw the project, ensuring they were kept up to date at all times.

The training was very goal-oriented, keeping the young people focused and learning more. Finally, Kieran was an excellent motivator to the young people, making the session fun, productive, and successful.’

The outcomes the programme provided were:
– two young people trained with football clubs, which was an excellent outcome as they had both expressed a desire to play for a football club but, up until that point, hadn’t been able to find one. Attending gave them further opportunities to pursue their goals and personal aspirations.
– supporting young people to complete reparation hours as part of their order through attending fun and positive sports programme
– building young peoples confidence and communication skills through meaningful activities
– providing young people with a platform to use their voice to put forward their wants and needs from the session