ITV News Interview 2024

In December 2023, Sports Fun 4 All were visited by ITV News, who wanted to see our Christmas HAF Programme at Downham Health & Leisure Centre and its difference to children’s lives in Lewisham over the Christmas holidays.

The news broadcast went out on Friday 29th December 2023, on ITV News to an audience of millions of people. This was a massive achievement for us as it was our first time on TV and is evidence of the impact of our work over the last eight years. We feel we are finally beginning to be recognised for our relentless hard work in the community, providing children and young people with a safe space to build friendships and have fun using football as the primary vehicle to make this happen.

The HAF Programme ran over the Christmas Holidays in 2023 and provided the children with three hours of football coaching per day and an hour for lunch, where they received a hot meal courtesy of our partner, The Meal Team.

In the interview, you hear from the children attending the HAF Programme about what they would be doing if they weren’t there. There is an interview with the Sports Fun 4 All Founder & CEO Kieran Connolly, who discusses the importance of accessing the appropriate facilities to successfully deliver their football programme and the challenges of applying for funding as a relatively small organisation with limited capacity.