Development Matches

Development Matches

sports fun 4 all development matches

Sports Fun 4 All provide Development Matches against other teams to allow our players to practise the skills they learn in our weekly sessions. Only the players who regularly attend and demonstrate good behaviour and a motivation to learn are selected for these matches.

The goal of being selected for these matches encourages the players to attend regularly and participate fully in the session to reap the knowledge that our experienced coaches have. Playing in the matches is very enjoyable for the players and allows them to experience a competitive environment against opposition they have not played against before.

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May 2018

vs Greater Nurture Development (W 6-1)

v.s Athenlay FC (L 6-1)

September 2018

vs. Vista FC (L 8-1)

November 2018

vs Vista FC (W 13-2)

January 2019

vs. Academix FC (L 3-2)

vs Greater Nurture Development (3-3)

February 2019

vs Lewisham Islamic Centre (W 4-2)

August 2021

vs. Ten-Em-Bee u16s (W 2-1)

August 2021

vs. Weston Football Academy u18s (W 2-1)


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