Charlton Athletic V Oxford United 2022

On Saturday, the 1st of October, we took a group of 16 young people from our Downham Session to watch Charlton Athletic vs Oxford United in a League One match at The Valley.

The young people’s buzz and excitement were tremendous as we travelled to the game. Barring the young people that had attended the Women’s FA Cup Final with us in May, this was nearly every one of the young people’s first-ever live football match. Something so normal to many people meant so much to this group.

As we took our seats, Oxford United scored, and the young people, not knowing which team was which, celebrated. Very embarrassing. However, the young people got into the swing of things, cheering on Charlton and providing tactical advice.

The match finished in a 1-1 draw, but the most important thing was the young people had a fun, new experience that they could go back to school on Monday and tell their friends about with the long-term goal of broadening their horizons about what they can achieve in the world as they become adults.

Thank you to our funder, SEJA, for providing the tickets.